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2009 Bride's Choice Awards presented by WeddingWire | Wedding Cakes, Wedding Venues, Wedding Photographers & More


Erin was truly incredible in helping me pull things together very close to my wedding date. I travel a lot and was very limited on the time that I had to do it myself. In retrospect, even if I had the time, getting her assistance was the best money I spent in planning my wedding. I wished that I had called her as soon as we had become engaged! She helped me obtain an excellent caterer within just a few weeks of the wedding, along with the band and florist…. among other things. She worked exceptionally well with the vendors and had some great ideas along the way that helped us keep our costs down. I'm a bit OCPD (LOL :-) and Erin really made me feel incredibly comfortable that she was organized and was in charge. She was so wonderfully responsive and my family loved her! I would highly recommend her!!

-Melissa and Clark

Erin- Thank you so much for all you did to help make our wedding the wonderful day it was! We really appreciated all of your help and enjoyed working with you! Thanks again!

-Bridget and Scott

Erin was awesome! She took care of all the little details. I didn't even think about! She was incredibly organized, friendly and creative. We really enjoyed working with her!

-Chris and Dani

Erin- Thank you for your excellent work during the planning process and day of our wedding. I couldn't have done it all without your help! Your organizational skills, calmness and kind disposition was an unmeasurable asset to our day and I can never thank you enough for taking over the details of the day so I could enjoy the wedding. I appreciated your help more then I could possibly say-thank you for all you did for us! I loved having you as part of our wedding day.

-Brandon and Katie

The thought of having to plan and organize every little detail of my wedding reception was intimidating. Luckily, I discovered Erin 's wedding and event planning business, "It's All in the Details". I knew after the first consultation that Erin would help my fiancé and me coordinate the perfect reception -- one that we could enjoy with peace of mind knowing that everything was under control. Erin was extremely helpful and accessible throughout the planning process, saving us time and stress. She provided a detailed checklist personalized to our wedding needs, offered ideas on simple ways to make the reception site more beautiful and managed all of our vendors. Our wedding reception was lovely, our guests had fun, and, most importantly, we were able to enjoy every minute of it without worrying about a thing--thanks to Erin.

-Andy and Sherry

Erin was such a great asset to me for my wedding. And can I just say... she is meant for the job! She is just an "on top of it" kind of gal! She has an incredible fashion sense and is just in the 'know' when it comes to wedding options. She was a great resource during the planning...and I have to say that having her take charge of the actual wedding day was a huge relief. Mark and I could sit back and enjoy our wonderful day with all our friends and family. She is an amazing overseer. I even remember her seeing a parking ticket that I got the day before the wedding, grabbing it and paying it for me! She did so much for us before the wedding...when your pulled in a million different directions! It was amazing to have her there to watch out for the little things that I couldn't watch for during the wedding. It was also great to have somebody to run to and say, "please put out those flowers, please get the guys together to stack the chairs" etc. I love Erin. She is a beautiful woman with an amazing heart and incredible professionalism...all rolled into one!

-Mark and Ashley

Flowers, family, pictures and tears are all components of a great wedding. My wedding was the best day ever and Erin made it possible. I had no idea where to begin or even that there was a difference between a wedding dress and a prom dress that was white! Every little question I had, Erin was there to help along the way, offering advice and reassuring me that I was not going crazy. Erin made the big day as smooth as possible. Erin's creativity and fun spirit added that special touch to our wedding and I couldn't have done it without her!

-Mark and Kym

To sum it all up, Erin is the best. She handled every detail of my daughter's wedding with ease, and professionalism. In wanting to have a large part of Tara's wedding I decided to do most of the decorations myself, and Erin virtually saved the day by helping me to put it all together. I could not possibly have handled all of this, and been ready for the wedding on time without her. She offers her services for anything you need help with, and actually helped me make Swarovski crystal bouquets for all Tara's bridesmaids. She is creative, self assured, and her talents are extremely diversified and endless. From the moment you first meet her, every detail of your day will be scheduled, coordinated, confirmed, and you will have the peace of mind and confidence that everything will be handled with extreme care. If you truly want the best in coordination of your wedding day, choose Erin.

-Mother of bride, Kathy